Why I Started This Blog

Have you ever felt down in the dumps? Wondering what purpose you have in life? Low self esteem issues ? Well this is why I started this blog. Every question that has crossed your mind has crossed mine too, and I want to share my thoughts with you. I was at a low point the other day and I thought to myself I need a diary, then I thought to myself no I want to know what other people feel, so this is why I made this blog for us. My main goal for this blog is to share my experiences, what I go through on a daily basis, feelings, and how I get through the day with my readers. At the end of it all, I hope to help people as much as I can and let you know that whatever it is that you are going through, you won’t be going through it alone. My favorite quote that you will see often is “She believed she could, so she did” This quote is everything to me. When you believe in yourself everything and anything is possible. I just hope that with this blog you can find the courage that I found in yourself. This blog is for you to express yourself freely and read what others have to say about the topic.