Why Don’t I look Like Them?


Hello Whisperer!

I was at Sephora the other day with a friend and I felt completely out of place. I’m not one to use so much makeup like some women do. I own a simple $5 foundation, mascara, and eyeliner and that is enough for me. So, imagine me walking into a store that literally every female in there looks amazing, their face is contoured, eye shadow, lip liner, lipstick etc. Um yeah there was no way my self-esteem did not drop. Social Media is killing our self-esteem, making us wonder why we don’t look like them. Remember everything is a trend so if she looks like that then everyone else has to look like that. So, what does one simple girl such as myself do when she feels like an outcast in the makeup world? I have two options, first do something about it, if you can’t beat them join them. Second learn how to feel beautiful in your own skin and stop worrying about what other people look like. Easier said than done, right? Yeah, I know. People will tell you that you are beautiful without makeup, and your petite body is perfect, but when you turn around who are all the men looking at? The girl with the “beat” face, big butt, and big boobs. I miss the times when simple bare face was beautiful. You’re not the only who feels like they should look a certain way, she might feel like she’s too skinny, but you wish you had her body, and you may think you are too fat but she wishes she had your body. It’s a never ending cycle and unfortunately that’s the way it is.So, if you’re reading this and you feel exactly how I feel then this is my advice to you. You are beautiful no matter what, if you want to wear makeup or if you don’t then go for it! No one is going to judge you for making some changes in your life if it makes you feel better about yourself. Change up your fashion style, wear something you don’t normally wear, do your hair a different way. I promise you, if you post this picture on your social media you WILL get comments. You may feel low about the way you look, but somebody else sees something completely different than what you think.