Love Triangle


“Dear Blogger, I’m in a relationship with a man that I love, but I am also talking to someone else and he gives me butterflies. I don’t want to leave my boyfriend, but I also don’t want to stop talking to my mystery man. What should I do? ” 


Hello Whisperer!

Note that this is just my opinion as a person looking outside in. I wish I knew more about your situation so I can give you the right advice, but from what I know this is my opinion. I know that in some relationships the butterflies die out after being with someone for so long, and you miss it, so when someone else gives you that attention of course you’re going to want more. If you have no intentions of leaving your boyfriend than why even bother with this mystery man. Life is way too short, and no one likes their feelings to be messed with. If you are talking to this mystery man that means there is something that is lacking in your relationship. Think of that point that even got you there in the first place. Instead of focusing on your mystery man maybe you should focus on how to make your relationship feel fresh again. Do something that you guys have never done before, remember that he gave you butterflies once too. Another point that I want to bring up is, what if the mystery man turns out to be nothing like what you imagined? Or one day he stops giving you butterflies as well? In situations like these you should ALWAYS follow your heart. One thing is to love your man but another thing is to be in love. Don’t get stuck in a relationship that you’re truly not happy in. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years now, and I can honestly say that I can’t see myself with anybody else. If you can’t say the same then that person is not the one for you. When you find the right one, no one else will ever compare. As the saying goes, if he can’t make you smile someone else will. So I think you should try to spice things up in your relationship first, and if nothing works, then at least you tried. THIS IS A MUST! Figure out how serious this mystery man is. Maybe he is just looking for a good time, and you definitely don’t want to leave your boyfriend for just a good time. You have to be smart about this, I would hate for you to end up alone at the end of this.




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